HR Compliance Challenges Leads to a Potential 6M in Fines – Form I-9

Educational institutions are facing growing compliance challenges that are impacting their ability to support their new hire and ongoing employee processes.   The education industry has some unique factors to contend with when trying to build a culture of compliance, while gaining operational efficiencies:

  • Reduced state funding –  pressure to streamline operations
  • Dynamic staffing needs –  personalized documentation
  • Rapidly changing regulatory environment –  complex legislation and fines

A recent news article in the Washington Post highlights a school district that inadvertently destroyed several employee files noting citizenship status, namely Form I-9s.  The district is now facing the possibility of fines of up to $6M for their mistake.
The President of the Education Association, Kimberly Adams, was concerned and stated in the article:

We worry about what else is missing.  It is disheartening that it took until now for our system to enforce a policy of internal document review and control.  It is stunning what can be found when the microscope is applied.

Have you looked at your internal I-9 processes and put it under a microscope?  Have you thought about the impact an audit or fine could have within your organization?

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