If You Don’t Screen 100%, You Can’t Maximize Your WOTC

100% Screening

The foundation of a successful WOTC program is identifying ALL eligible employees to reach 100% screening completion, you need to set expectations and have a simple process that can be applied consistently for every new hire.

Our employee tax advisers recommend our clients to:

  • Make presentation of WOTC screening mandatory for all applicants, in every location
  • Track completion rates by hiring location, if it’s not, 100% take action
  • Conduct WOTC training for all hiring managers and share results to help sustain support for the program
  • Consider an automated platform that syncs with the onboarding or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform

Bottom line, the more you screen, the more WOTC your company gets.

We leverage our experience and advanced WOTC Management platform to help employers simplify the process to get the best results. Let us show you how to implement a successful WOTC program, to help you achieve 100% screening success, and optimize WOTC right from the start.

Contact us to learn how to implement a WOTC program in your organization.