Imposter Unemployment Insurance Claims Point to a Benefit Fraud Scheme

News services and the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) have recently reported that the U.S. Inspector General’s office is investigating a possible multi-state unemployment insurance (UI) benefit fraud scheme, which includes FL, KS, MA, NM, NV, NY, and TX.

Equifax Workforce Solutions has been alerting unemployment agencies in a number of these states of suspected imposter claims filed against our clients and their workers, over the past few months, and we continue to communicate with state Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program leadership about this matter. Once we advise a state UI agency that the person listed on a claim is not unemployed and didn’t file a claim, the agency invalidates the claim and protects our client’s UI account from any benefit charges. The case also gets escalated within the agency and higher for a fraud investigation.

The UI agencies indicate there is no known data breach in their systems that would lead to imposter claims.  The source of the personal data theft used to file imposter claims is not yet known, but it is part of the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Inspector General’s office.

Our clients may direct any employee who believes he or she might be a victim of identity theft to   or to learn what steps to take.

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