Introducing A New Dealer Market Intelligence Platform

In reality, auto lending is different from other types of lending. Unlike most other direct to consumer relationships you have, auto lending involves another critical factor—dealerships. With increased pressures from non-traditional lenders, you need better visibility into your dealer relationships to successfully navigate the competitive landscape. Ultimately, you need to ensure you are the lender-of-choice by strengthening your relationships with the most profitable dealers.

Introducing A New Dealer Market Intelligence Platform.

With detailed information on more than 58 million auto tradelines spanning the last 48 months, a new market intelligence platform available only from Equifax can arm you with unmatched insights to get ahead of the competition.

Compare your market performance against your competitors to see where you win and where you have opportunity to grow.

Gain visibility into information like loan performance trends, APRs, delinquency rates, and credit score improvements—by dealer, against competing lenders, or within the parameters you specify. Altogether this positions you to make more informed decisions about your strategic approach to the market.

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Dealer Performance Insights.Detailed Dealer Data. Custom Reports.





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