James Taylor, decision management expert, reviews InterConnect®

James Taylor, CEO and Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions recently reviewed InterConnect®, the premier  decision management system from Equifax.  Decision Management Solutions, leading experts in decision management consulting, specialize in helping organizations build decision-centric, action-oriented systems and processes using decision management, business rules, and advanced analytic technologies.

In his review, Taylor said “Equifax InterConnect builds on its strength in data insights to deliver a flexible, scalable, cloud-based platform for customer acquisition decisioning that is industry-leading.”

The report includes a detailed overview of the platform’s capabilities, architecture, and its four modular decisioning tools, which are:

In discussing the platform architecture, he said “A flexible microservices architecture is particularly well used to enable flexible and robust data access, allowing the decisioning solutions developed to leverage a wide range of Equifax, customer and third party data sources.”

View the full review here.

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