Next-Gen Credit Risk Modeling is Changing Everything


Banks and lenders want to deliver broader financial inclusion that enables them to score and approve more customers. But they don’t want to increase their risk levels. Traditional credit risk modeling techniques, such as logistic regression, have helped with this. But only to a point because of their limited, linear nature.

First Solution to Use Neural Networks

Ground-breaking new NeuroDecision Technology from Equifax is the first of its kind — and it’s changing everything. NeuroDecision is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This next-gen credit risk modeling technique is helping businesses create more inclusive, detailed models to score and approve a wider, more diverse group of consumers.

Webinar: NeuroDecision Technology Explained

Our webinar, Cracking Open the Black Box: Neural Networks for Credit Decisioning, explains how:

  • Equifax is using machine learning and explainable AI to provide better outcomes for financial institutions and their valued customers.
  • Industry regulators require that credit scoring systems be explainable to consumers. NeuroDecision is the first neural network to meet this challenge.
  • Advanced big data and analytic tools are being used to build and scale better performing predictive models that produce both a credit score and logical reason codes.
  • Finally, Equifax customers using NeuroDecision have seen significant results. They’ve realized more than 70,000 additional approved accounts and more than $100 million in additional annualized revenue for one subprime retail lender.

Watch our webinar now.