Screening Smart Means Better WOTC Results

smart screening

If you manage WOTC, you know that screening for eligibility on all new hires is the foundation of a successful program. But having new hires complete the screening accurately and correctly to “screen eligible” or not is often not so simple. This can be compounded when you are screening new employees in multiple locations, when you have remote worksites or during peak hiring seasons.

We get it – from our experience putting new hires through our WOTC platform over the years we have found some barriers to screening eligible:

  • Survey questions can be hard to understand, especially if an applicant is rushing through their documents
  • The need for specific detail and the lack of a “don’t know/can’t remember” option means that the new hire may skip a question or answer ‘no,’ which could incorrectly disqualify them
  • New hires sometimes cite privacy concerns when asked why they did not complete a paper-based WOTC screening survey

While it’s important to screen everyone, even a small lift in the “screen eligible” can have a big impact on your WOTC results. That’s where the insights from our experience, input from our WOTC clients and automation come in. We took learnings from the screening process, combined them with input from our clients and created our SmartScreening™ feature. It’s part of our automated WOTC platform that helps employers and employees successfully navigate and manage the WOTC process.

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