Three Ways to Boost Your Experience at ASHHRA

Three Ways to Boost Your Experience at ASHHRA

Now more than ever, HR professionals in healthcare organizations are faced with more complex compliance regulations and are being held at higher standards of accountability in meeting workforce needs. There is no better place to network, share best practices, speak to industry experts, and learn how to solve for major challenges facing healthcare HR than The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration Annual Conference and Exposition (ASHHRA), September 16-19, 2017.

In just a few weeks, nearly a thousand healthcare human resource professionals will arrive in Seattle, WA for the 53rd ASHHRA conference. It’s important to have a game plan in place to make the most of your experience.

Here are three ways to boost your experience at ASHHRA –

1. Create a priority wish list.

To up your conference game, you need to give advance thought to why you are attending and what you’d like to get out of it. Take note of current challenges, likes and dislikes of current solutions, sessions you’d like to attend, solution and service providers you’d like to meet, and questions you’d like answered. Having set these goals in advance will help you focus on the information that’s most relevant to your organization.

2. Meet the experts.

The exhibit hall is the perfect place to speak face-to-face with experts and gain insight about new solutions and services that can help your organization meet current and emerging challenges facing health systems. Visit vendors that have experience helping hundreds of healthcare organizations and explore their latest technologies and services. Leave the exhibit hall with a variety of take-away tools, resources, and new connections.

3. Start putting what you learned into practice.

With many initiatives and priorities placed on HR professionals in healthcare, it is easy to lose sight of the key pieces of information that were discovered at the conference. Now’s the time to cultivate the relationships you have built, stay in touch with peers and industry experts, and share best practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to share notes of things learned, what you can implement right away, what solutions you’d like to learn more about and most importantly, create an actionable plan.

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