Top Three Challenges for Customer Experience Transformation

A recent Forrester Research study[1] indicates that about 50% of customer experience (CX) professionals say that organizational structure, culture, and processes are key challenges for CX transformation. While 76% of executives say CX is a critical priority, they don’t necessarily put their money where their mouth is. In practice, many executives show a lack of urgency around building out the competencies an organization needs in order to deliver a better CX, leaving CX professionals stuck in a middle management conundrum.

How can you get executives to care? Don’t talk AT them, talk TO them. CX professionals know the skill of empathy well. It’s time to turn that power of empathy toward executives to determine what keeps them up at night and how to tie CX to their pain points. This approach will help get them to care about and pay more attention to CX. You have to find ways of linking CX to their value system.

To learn more about the challenges CX professionals face in transforming their organization, listen to The Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience with Hrishi Talwar, VP of Digital Identity and Mobile Products at Equifax and Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

[1] Forrester’s Drive Revenue With Great Customer Experience, 2017