Upcoming Webinar: What You Need to Know Now about Form I-9 and Immigration Enforcement

It is a busy time for employers! USCIS just issued a new Form I-9. There are new clues in the recent Department of Homeland Security Budget-in-Brief and proposed Appropriations bills suggesting nationwide E-Verify is on the horizon, and civil penalties for non-compliance with the Form I-9 requirements are at an all-time high. Are you ready?

Don’t miss this webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 8 with a leading immigration attorney and I-9 experts from Equifax Workforce Solutions. We’ll focus on what employers need to know about these trends and more.

Our experts will:

  • Walk through the new Form  I-9 effective September 2017
  • Offer tips for mitigating potential risk as site visits by agents from the Department of Homeland Security increase
  • Share best practices for improving Form I-9 compliance during new hire onboarding.

Our guest speaker is Montserrat Miller, a Partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. Montserrat, a regular speaker at our webinars, counsels and defends companies regarding their hiring practices and compliance with the government’s Form I-9 and E-Verify requirements. She also conducts immigration-related internal Form I-9 investigations and audits. Join us to hear her insights on these issues.

Hope you can join us!