Wage Audit: Nearly No-touch Solution Available

Wage Audit
Wage Audit requests can create a significant administrative strain on employers, and the burden seems to be growing. Over the past few years, wage audit frequency has steadily increased, and the process has become more complex. Response guidelines vary by state, employees must often spend hours reformatting data, and states are becoming more diligent about assessing fines for improper or untimely responses. Now more than ever, Wage Audits are a frustration and a liability for many employers.
That’s why Equifax recently debuted a new solution to make the wage audit process quick, compliant, and nearly no-touch for employers.
This graphic illustrates how our Wage Audit Solution works. It summarizes the current wage audit landscape and explains how our solution can help remove much of the risk and administrative work involved in the process. It’s the only solution of its kind on the market, and it’s easy to implement. To hear more details and to find out how Equifax can help your organization with unemployment cost management, contact Pete Krieshok at pete.krieshok@equifax.com