Webinar Replay: Unemployment Mock Hearing

Better I-9 compliance

During our recent unemployment webinar, Burden of Proof: An Unemployment Mock Hearing, we took our attendees straight into a live re-enactment of a real unemployment case. Most seasoned HR pros know that the heat is on when they receive notice of an unemployment hearing. From preparing the witnesses to ensuring documents are submitted as evidence before the hearing, it can be a lot of work. Not to mention, once you get to the hearing, knowing when and how to elicit testimony to support your case, as well as, weaving through confusing unemployment laws.

In fact, during one of our live polls, we asked the question, “Would testimony to a video would be admissible without the video?” 71% of our audience members were unsure or thought it would be dismissed without the video. However, although the testimonial would be considered as hearsay without viewing the video footage, it is still allowed as evidence.

unemployment mock hearing

Many factors can impact the outcome of your unemployment hearings, and possibly result in a higher unemployment tax rate. Equifax UCM Solution can help! Our nationwide Hearing Representatives are an advocate for employers of all sizes. They take the lead at your administrative hearings, providing cross-examination on testimony and object to evidence that you may be sideswiped with.

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