WOTC and Tax Extenders to be Addressed in April

Both the leadership of the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance committee have indicated that they will address the expired Tax Extenders, including WOTC, with hearings and a bill markup session as soon as next week.  This is by no means a “slam dunk” for renewal, but both these committees are key efforts for WOTC renewal.  Dave Camp, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee said:

Beginning in April, the committee will continue its work by going policy by policy to determine which extenders should be made permanent,” . . . “That process will include both hearings and mark-ups. Specific dates and topics will be forthcoming.

In his memo to members, speaking on the need to address these provisions, Mr. Camp continues that:

 I think we can all agree that a short extension of tax policies is no way to legislate and is even worse for the families and businesses who utilize those tax benefits.

Senate Finance chairman Ron Wyden has indicated that his committee will begin a markup on a tax extenders bill on April 2.